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and advice comes in all shapes and sizes.

Business mentoring, coaching or advising should be specific to each company and entrepreneur. Having a little guidance in an area where you don't have a lot of experience can make all the difference for your business.

I work with businesses in the areas of marketing, strategy, communications and international business and together we can develop a plan to realize their vision. 

Companies Worked With:

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I was approached by Kisserup International Trade Roots to mentor Canadian businesses on international expansion in the area of marketing. Under the Atlantic Growth Strategy, the Atlantic Canadian provinces launched a new Grow Export program to strengthen economic activity, which included:

Expert Diagnostic Assessment

FITTskills Training

Mentoring in International Trade

Familiarization Tour

Export Plan Development

After a few months of meeting with these businesses, I knew this was something I wanted to pursue.

How to know if mentoring or consulting will suit you best?

I'm also a passionate entrepreneur and investor who believes we should take control of our own financial future. 



As a consultant, I conduct in-depth market research, an internal and external analysis, and provide my recommendations.



Whether it's building a corporate program or designing a new logo, I will create something that's specific to your company's vision.



I will help your company implement the new changes and can review the strategic planning progress monthly if desired.

Let's get started.

Take the first step, inquire today.

Whether you're looking for research, evaluations, recommendations, program and creative design, or someone to implement change - I am here to help. Let's meet to discuss your business needs, your vision for the company, my role or involvement, and develop a plan that works for you and your business.

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