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I'm Trieste Reading.

I'm a marketing and communications expert who's traveled the world learning about business and who understands that behind every successful company is a well-executed strategy. 

I'm also a passionate entrepreneur and investor who believes we should take control of our own financial future. 

I was named after the city Trieste in Italy - I'm not Italian but my Mom travelled there when she was younger and loved the name. I visited the city a few years ago and nearly bought the entire gift shop! After a childhood of keychains without my name on them, I was like a kid in a candy shop.




School doesn't always have an impact on a person's chosen career but it did on mine. There's nothing more exciting than travelling to new places, meeting new people, and solving new business problems.​

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing Management

    • Represented the University at a Global Leadership Conference with MBA students from Switzerland

  • Minor in Communications

    • Represented the department at the University President's Leadership Lecture Series and invitation-only dinner with guest speaker Terry O'Reilly

  • Master of Global Business

    • Studied in three countries at Triple Crown Business Schools learning about different business environments, entrepreneurship, and consulting

  • Consulted for businesses locally and internationally

    • Ranging from startups to mature businesses in different industries

The best way to learn about business is to experience it. 

I've travelled the world learning about different business environments,

I even went to school for it. 

Around the World.


I help professionals and businesses navigate local and global markets. Today, we have the world at our finger tips which means we can act locally but that we need to also think globally. Whether you're looking for Marketing, Strategy, or Communications consulting, I'll help you shape your vision for your company and execute on a comprehensive plan. 

Let's get started.

My commitment is to you.

Your best interest is my priority. I want to help you and your business be successful. My expertise is in marketing, communications, and strategic management, on a local and global scale, and that's what I can offer you.

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