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Brand Image Development for New Business, The Sugar Effect.

Margaret Woelke was looking to start her own business. She has a passion for sugaring hair removal and truly wants to help people feel confident about their body. Margaret also wanted the freedom of running her own business but had no idea where to begin. My job was to help her realize her vision.


Emphasis for this project was placed on the strategies used to assess her target markets and competitors in order to have solid data as the foundation to create the designs. Margaret was thrilled with the designs and I'm excited to see how they progress with her brand.

Corporate Identity Analysis & Strategy

Launch Ad Analysis & Strategy

Promotional Material Analysis & Strategy

Social Media Analysis & Strategy

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Whether you're looking for research, evaluations, recommendations, program and creative design, or someone to implement change - I am here to help. Let's meet to discuss your business needs, your vision for the company, my role or involvement, and develop a plan that works for you and your business.

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