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Masters of Business Series


3 simple steps to closing more deals and converting more leads

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Guide Outline

This introductory guide will provide you with actionable steps to write and communicate your company's value proposition. A value proposition is the promise of value to be delivered - it's the primary reason why a prospect should buy from you. It's also one of the most important conversion factors on your website. Learn to adapt your value proposition for your website and elevator pitch!

1. Identifying an effective value proposition 

    (Capturing your value)

2. Expressing an effective value proposition in person

    (Speaking your value)

3. Expressing an effective value proposition online

    (Showing your value)

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Marketer | Investor | Entrepreneur   Consultant | Traveler


I'm Trieste Reading.

I'm a marketing and communications expert who's traveled the world learning about business and who understands that behind every successful company is a well-executed strategy. The Masters of Business Series is a nod to my education - I have a Masters of Global Business where I graduated top of my class as I studied at three different universities, in three different countries, on three continents around the world. With this series, I'll be providing free educational content that entrepreneurs and business leaders can download to utilize in their own business.

The benefits of downloading this guide today:

Take comfort in industry recognition.

This Value Proposition Guide was inspired by a Webinar I hosted for 20 companies who were part of a GrowExport program. The program was created by Kisserup International Trade Roots in partnership with the four Atlantic Canadian provinces and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) with the goal of enabling long-term economic growth in the region.

Join a community of other businesses.

I served as a mentor to assist these Canadian businesses with the international exporting process, market positioning and any other international marketing assistance they required. This guide was initially developed as a tool to be used by these SMEs to incorporate their value proposition into the planning, execution and follow-up of an international trade mission.

Invest time (not $$$) in business growth.

Since working with the businesses in the GrowExport program, I have made this guide available for other entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to grow their business. Effectively articulating your value proposition can lead to more closed deals and more conversions on your website without the cost.

Download the guide to start closing more deals and converting more leads:

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